Water Filtration

CareLink’s Water Filter program helps families and schools with one of their greatest basic needs: clean water. Thousands of children fall victim to sometimes fatal illnesses each year that are completely avoidable through clean, safe water.

a young thirsty boy is drinking clean and sweet water

Many Hondurans are unaware of the inherent risks associated with the water supply, and so our program begins with spreading awareness within communities about the need to filter or boil local water. Then we provide locally-made inexpensive filters (made from recycled 5 gallon plastic pails) to those families with a need. These filters cost $50 and last approximately ten years.

Life Changing Water

As you might imagine, access to clean water changes everything for a family, in particular, the health of their children, whom are very vulnerable to the sicknesses associated with unsafe water. Chronic daily illnesses decrease significantly and overall quality of life improves.


Carelink seeks to provide these filters with private donations, corporate grants, and through the generous funding of family foundations. Some of our donors choose to provide 6 filters per year through a monthly pledge of $25.00. Or you can change the lives of these families or school classes with an annual gift of $300!


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