2019 Newsletter

First of all, let me thank you for your generous support of CareLink over the years.  We are so grateful for your financial assistance.  Our work in Honduras would be impossible without faithful partners like you.

Although we continue to do life-changing work, fundraising to preserve Tim’s legacy is, frankly,  financially challenging, and I write to you today to ask you to consider providing CareLink with a special year end gift this year…above and beyond your regular giving, which will enable us to meet our obligations and increase our impact into 2020.

Some CareLink 2019 highlights…

• Water Filters.  We distributed nearly 500 free water filters to families in desperate need of clean, safe water.  To date, approximately 7000 individuals are enjoying clean drinking water because of CareLink, helping children be free from the misery of illnesses related to unclean water.
• School Water.  This year, we began to distribute filters to grade schools so children can benefit from safe water at home AND at school!.  Hundreds of students will benefit.
• Micro-Finance.  We will have provided microfinance loans to over 30 small family businesses in Honduras by the end of this year. Our goal is to fund 50 businesses by the end of 2020.  These loans transform lives and enable families to break the cycle of need, becoming self-sufficient.  A “hand-up”…not a “hand-out”!
• Neighborhood Medical Clinic.  This year, in memory of Tim, we funded our first homebased neighborhood medical clinic in Honduras.  This clinic, near Tegucigalpa, will serve Jeff, pictured with CareLink Country Director, Josefina Santos (left) and Rubi Flores, CareLink Social Worker (second from right), providing funding for “Nery” for her new neighborhood pediatric clinic the medical needs of hundreds of children that otherwise would not have  access to proper medical care. 
• Clothing Initiative.  We are working with North American clothing inventory liquidator to import large-quantities of over-stocked clothing and shoes into Honduras.  This clothing will be distributed to families that wish to start small micro-funded clothing businesses.
• Department of Public Health Pilot Program.  Our water filter distribution efforts are making a measurable impact.  CareLink is partnering with the Honduran Department of Public Health in the San Francisco, Honduras area to measure the impact of our clean water programs.  Officials have confirmed that they have observed a dramatic decrease in the number of reportable water-related illnesses in children.  We will publish a report related to our findings in January of 2020.
• INFOP Partnership.  We have established a partnership with the National Institute for the Formation of Professionals, (INFOP) a public – private partnership funded by the Honduran government.  INFOP provides free technical training for individuals wishing to start small businesses.  This partnership will provide us access to the most promising new graduates in areas such as bakery technology, barbers, IT students, and hair stylists.  We already have several new students lined-up to fund in 2020!

Can we count on you for a year-end gift?  A generous donor has agreed to match special gifts up to $5,000 received by December 15!

Our goal is to continue the good work started by our beloved Tim, and to expand and increase our impact into 2020.  With your support, we will accomplish this goal.  Your financial gifts will enable CareLink to reduce unnecessary childhood suffering related to unsafe water, increase access to pediatric medical care, and provide transformational small business capital to hard-working families as they start new CareLink funded micro-fnanced businesses.

Thank you again for your on-going prayers and support!
Jeffrey L. Hartman
President, CareLink (312) 282-4140 jeff@carelinkfoundation.org