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CareLink helps families become self-sustaining through MicroFinance funding, water filter solutions, and health care training and awareness; all in a format that supports local churches and spreads the good news of Jesus. Our local Honduras team of trained pastors, professionals and social workers are connected to local churches are well-equipped to respond to the needs of local families. The CareLink board is comprised of Chicago-area entrepreneurs, Doctors, and other professionals; committed Christians that are dedicated to helping families help themselves.
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Many thanks to the 70 Carelink friends who help us pack meals for Feed My Starving Children a week ago—it was great to join Good Shepherd Church to support the event, overall packing a million meals that feed a child for a day.

Carelink is helping train Health Volunteers in two areas of Tegucigalpa… If you have a blood pressure cuff or stethoscope to donate, please let us know. Hypertension and diabetes are major health issues in Honduras.

Jeff and Tim leave next Thursday, March 8 for a five-day survey of an area in Intibuca, Honduras, about 100 miles north of Tegucigalpa. We have been distributing water filters there
Carelink Foundation
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Lot's happening both here and in Honduras with Carelink

--we have over 70 supporters who will help us pack food for kids at the Naperville Feed My Starving Children event tomorrow. Many thanks to all of you.

--Carelink is invited to consider a joint venture with the Episcopal Church, Houston Diocese. They are working in the mountain areas of Intibuca, Honduras--mainly Lenca Indians. Jeff Hartman and Tim Wall will travel there March 8-12 to assess the needs and whether we can fulfill our Carelink goals with the people there. Please pray for safety and wisdom as we consider all the issues.

--Our Board agreed to start two committees to give advice to the Board--Financial and Microfinance Committees. You don't need to be a Board member--in fact, we are looking for interested volunteers. Please send us a note through our 'carelinkfoundation' web page.

--Our Honduran staff has been busy training women in churches-- in the picture they are conducting a Women's Workship on spiritual growth and promoting health in their families--this is at the church with Pastor Arturo and Rachel, our WGO friends church plant in Teguc.
Also, Josefina and Ruby are shown meeting with Pr. Magdalena Bustillo, who leads a church in Teguc where 20 women are ready to begin our microfinance program.
We remain very busy as well planning water filter distribution--our supplies were delayed during the recent presidential elections.

Thanks for praying for these events-we are sustained by your prayers and support.
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Ever wonder how to help your family become more aware of kids in need around the world?

Many of you are familiar with the local(Naperville) non.profit--Feed My Starving Children. They help groups locally to pack highly nutritious protein meals for children around the world who are malnourished/starving-- see:

Carelink has agreed to help one of our sponsoring churches, Good Shepherd Church of Naperville, to supply volunteers for a large meal packing event. We need over 100 volunteers for Carelink to help the needed 6,000 'packers' on Sunday February 18, from 12:30 to 2:30pm. If you want more details about the actual event, go to the Good Shepherd info page: :

We'll all be working at the North Central College Fieldhouse in Naperville on that day. Come join Carelink and Good Shepherd Church as we help kids in need around the world.
Your whole family is welcome, including your children 5 years and up.

We'll register for you so that you get in our group. There is no cost, but of course, your donations to FMSC will help provide over 1.2Million meals we will pack that weekend. If you register but can't make the event, please let us know, but also try to send a replacement.

Please let Karen Whitsitt know at names in your group, as well as email addresses for the adults who are attending.

Help us bring our 100 to 'feed hungry kids'---and you will be blessed as your family talks about kids in need.

Thanks and for more questions, call my cell at 630.240.5661,

Tim Wall
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One of the many good outcomes of last year for Carelink in Honduras has been a developing partnership with several other faith based groups. One example is through our friendship with the Houston Episcopal Diocese, where we are doing more work in the Chalmeca, Copan area in NW Honduras. Most families are very poor, Lenca Indians
Our staff recently presented 15 families with water filters--these recipients commit to sharing the clean water with 3 other famiies, helping 45 families stay healthy. Pictured in the smaller group on the right is Marylou P., a 30yr old widow for 3 years--She is very active in the local congregation as a leader and youth coordinator. She has two children, Edward, age 10 and Loani, a 6 yr old first grader. Loani has a severe skin condition, and her mother is excited to get clean water to help her bathe in healthy water, as well as prevent the very common diarrheal illness prevalent from stagnant unclean water.
Thanks for your prayers for Carelink in Honduras. We are also adding key committees to help us better administer the U.S. side of the program. If you have an interest in our Finance or Micro-business Committees, please let us know through our website, or contact Tim Wall at 630.240.5661.
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Wishing all our Carelink friends in North America and Honduras a very Happy New Year! May you experience God’s blessings of peace and joy throughout this year.
We are so thankful for all of you this year who did the hard work of prayer and giving. We are seeing results in expanding work in many areas. We are grateful for our hard-working Honduran staff—Josefina, Pr. Suyapa and Rubi. They faced extra hardship in working around political demonstrations this Fall.
We are happy to announce that we have developed new working relationships with two groups. Honduras Good Works from Houston and Grace Episcopal Church in Louisiana. We will assist them in microfinance and water filters in areas where they work in Honduras.
As a sign of progress, we added several microfinance projects this Fall. Zulma, on the left in the above picture, is getting her 2nd loan to expand her tortilla business. Because of her business, she is able to attend college to study social work.
Marta on the right will begin a business preparing corn tortillas and tamales.
Thanks again for your interest and prayer. You can still give to us for 2017 by using PayPal via our website or dating a check for today that we receive by next week.
Tim Wall
Carelink President
Carelink Foundation
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Many thanks to you, our Carelink supporters, for helping us more than meet our goals for the year-end fund raiser.Through you, God has supplied our entire ’17 budget and we move in to next year in a very positive way. Further, we have received grants for water filters from two groups who already work in Honduras. Our team will partner with them to train and distribute filters to families in need.

We also have started several families in Tatumbla with new microfinance projects. Marcia, Cindy & Yolany are pictured, as they prepare to sell prepared foods, like tacos, pupusas & carne asada. Further, the pastor of that church along with his mother will sell clothes in the area.. Pr. Santos & Carmen are pictured signing the pledge of commitment to work with Carelink

Please keep praying for the political unrest in Honduras following the election. Our Team has had to restrict their movement in the area due to the demonstrations.
Finally, Happy Birthday to Josefina—thanks for your hard work and dedication.

The world can be dark place, and at CareLink, we recognize that believers are called on to be a light to the world.