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CareLink helps families become self-sustaining through Microfinance funding, and water filter solutions; all in a format that supports local churches and spreads the good news of Jesus. Our local Honduras team of trained pastors, professionals and social workers are connected to local churches are well-equipped to respond to the needs of local families. The CareLink board is comprised of Chicago-area entrepreneurs, Doctors, and other professionals; committed Christians that are dedicated to helping families help themselves.
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
Unsafe Water in Honduras is a “Gateway to Disease”
USA Today Article Describes Tragic Plight of Nine-Year-Old Boy

Nine-year-old Cristin was experiencing eye discomfort and redness. Soon, doctors determined he suffered from Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD), a preventable disorder caused by unclean water. Unfortunately, this disease grew into a tumor that covered part of little Cristin’s face. Two years later, at the age of eleven, Cristin died…all because of unsafe water.

CareLink, through our free water filter distribution programs in Honduras, is fighting to prevent these tragic and sad cases. Water-related illnesses impact children in particular, and these stories of pain and suffering are so avoidable.

Did you know our water filters have provided safe water to approximately 10,000 people in Honduras over the last few years?

Want to help ( ? Your donation of $60 will provide clean water for a family for ten years! For $500. we will provide filters for an elementary school in your name. A gift of $1000 will reduce water-related illnesses for an entire neighborhood. Join us in our fight to reduce unnecessary suffering in this world, and create a legacy of giving that will last for a decade.

Below is the link to the full USA Today article:
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
Ten Honduran Women are Set to Launch a Sustainable Urban Agriculture MicrofinanceVegetable Business - Using “Macro tunnel” Technology

The world-wide Pandemic has taken a terrible toll on families and businesses globally, but the impact on developing countries like Honduras has been even more painful. One thing remains clear: families must have access to high-quality natural foods to live healthy lives and sustain themselves through this crisis.

CareLink leadership recently became aware of ten inspiring Honduran women who were struggling to keep their small backyard pepper farm operational during the current COVID-19 lock-down. While their little pepper business showed promise, local grocery stores and some restaurants that these ladies were selling to were demanding more consistently high-quality products, a wider selection of produce, and much larger volume. As hard-working as these determined women were, they simply did not have the resources to expand their business and stay viable during the Pandemic. They were scrambling to feed their families, and their business was in serious jeopardy of failing.

Realizing this was the perfect business for CareLink funding, we partnered with the Zamorano Agricultural School in Honduras to provide training for the women on crop diversification and found a local plot of land operated by Christian Stewardship Ministries. We secured the training, obtained a no-cost “lease” on the land, and provided the women with a $5,000 microfinance loan/grant. This arrangement will enable the women (led by “Mirtalla,” a fearless and dedicated entrepreneur) to build and operate a state of the art “Macro Tunnel” greenhouse using eco-friendly drip irrigation technology. The result? A thriving new business in the Nueva Suyapa community that creates jobs and provides high-quality, locally sourced produce to families. This vegetable cooperative will now produce peppers, tomatoes, and other fresh and healthy items.

Microfinance is a powerful financial engine that empowers families, transforms lives, and fuels local economic development.

You can help finance a new business with as little as $300. (But any donation is welcome!) Will you help?
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
The Inspiring Story of Pastor Yovanny

The life of a pastor can be difficult and pose many challenges. Pastors are required to be spiritual leaders, counsel the troubled and hurting, and balance a church budget. And currently, offerings and church attendance are low, due to the current state of the global pandemic.

Now, I ask you to imagine (actually walk in their shoes) the difficult role of the pastor in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In addition to the hurdles mentioned above, the community you serve lives in extreme poverty, has a shortage of clean, safe water, a lack of critical medical care, and a feeling of hopelessness. The community faces wide-spread injustice and lack of economic opportunity. And as a pastor in Honduras, your “salary”, would be just a few dollars per day!

This is why we were so pleased to recently provide a $900 microfinance loan to Pastor “Yovanny” (pictured). Yovanny leads a small rural church near Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Like most small church pastors, he receives very little compensation and was struggling to provide for his family (a wife, Cindy, and four children) while juggling the demands of his congregation. The loan enabled Yovanny to achieve his dream of opening a small hand-made wooden furniture business. The business runs out of the back of his church and provides affordable furniture to his community. He can now earn a living with the skill of his hands.

Yovanny is an excellent example of the spirit of grit and determination so prevalent in the people of Honduras. CareLink capital helps people break the cycle of poverty and dependency. It is powerful and transformative.

Want to “Adopt” a business and help change the world for as little as $300? You can learn more about CareLink at
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
**New Website and New Board Member**

OK…we know some of you are at home with some “free time” on your hands! So it's a great time to check out our new (and improved!) website at

At CareLink, keeping you informed about how we use your donations to make a lasting impact on the lives of Hondurans is an important component of our mission. We want to bring microfinance success stories and news of the powerful benefits of our water systems to you because it is your commitment that is making the difference. Therefore, we have provided some fresh content and a collection of new photos that bring our work to life. Also, our new site includes bios and photos of our dedicated board. We have included our newest board member, Shay Olson. Welcome, Shay!

Why not take a moment to see for yourself? And your feedback is, of course, always welcome.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Click to check out our new site:
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
Single Dad Beats the Odds and Launches Microfinance Business...Arnold is an inspiring example of determination amid crisis in Honduras

Rampant and extreme poverty, a culture of injustice, and the oppressive influence of gangs are just a few of the daily challenges facing young men in Honduras. These realities cause many of these young men to turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape. These young men end up fleeing their country illegally to seek opportunities in other countries. But this is not the course of action taken by CareLink’s most recently-funded microfinance business.

Arnold, 24 years old, is the single father of a two-year-old daughter, Maria. Losing his wife to a sudden illness last year, Arnold was facing the daunting challenge of caring for his daughter and trying to make a living. CareLink discovered Arnold after he enrolled in a six-month barber training school in Tegucigalpa. After working in a barber shop to gain some hands-on experience, Arnold dreamed of launching his own store-front barber shop to earn a decent standard of living, and provide Maria with an education to allow her the hope of a future filled with opportunity. A CareLink micro-loan made Arnold’s dream come true, with funding for a barber chair, supplies, tools, and start-up capital.

CareLink wishes to thank “Steve,” one of our supporters and friends, and the sponsor of this $1,000 micro-loan, which has transformed Arnold’s life. Together, we are helping to empower thousands of Honduran’s to seek a path toward independence.

You can fund a CareLink micro-business for as little as $300. Will you help?
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
A Microfinance Profile in Determination: Jennifer Defies the Odds and Launches a Food Prep Business

Single moms have a tough job, but being a single mom in Honduras means you will almost certainly live a life of extreme poverty and hardship. Abandoned by husbands and often overlooked by a government plagued by injustice and corruption, single moms face challenges that defy the boundaries of human endurance.

But stories of determination do exist, and one of CareLink’s microfinance recipients, Jennifer, stands as a shining example. Seeking a better life for her two young children, Jennifer (35 years old), scraped and clawed her way through her days. She was determined to survive and, therefore, never lost hope. She researched and discovered a government/private training program to facilitate her dreams, but lacked the basic funds to enroll in the program. That’s where CareLink came in. CareLink scours the applications of candidates that demonstrate the grit required to start and run small businesses. Jennifer, showing an aptitude for cooking and good business instincts, received her $600. With the CareLink small business loan and having successfully completed a 6-month cooking curriculum, she will now launch a small food preparation business from her home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. While Jennifer’s business will provide a living income for her and her children, the greater benefit is hope; hope for a better life, improved health, and educational opportunities for her kids.

Microfinance is an empowering and transformative force. Will you consider helping CareLink fund a business in your name? (a donation of $300 can start a small business…but any gift is welcome!)
Yes, you want to help at
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The world can be dark place, and at CareLink, we recognize that believers are called on to be a light to the world.