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CareLink helps families become self-sustaining through Microfinance funding, and water filter solutions; all in a format that supports local churches and spreads the good news of Jesus. Our local Honduras team of trained pastors, professionals and social workers are connected to local churches are well-equipped to respond to the needs of local families. The CareLink board is comprised of Chicago-area entrepreneurs, Doctors, and other professionals; committed Christians that are dedicated to helping families help themselves.
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
**New Website and New Board Member**

OK…we know some of you are at home with some “free time” on your hands! So it's a great time to check out our new (and improved!) website at

At CareLink, keeping you informed about how we use your donations to make a lasting impact on the lives of Hondurans is an important component of our mission. We want to bring microfinance success stories and news of the powerful benefits of our water systems to you because it is your commitment that is making the difference. Therefore, we have provided some fresh content and a collection of new photos that bring our work to life. Also, our new site includes bios and photos of our dedicated board. We have included our newest board member, Shay Olson. Welcome, Shay!

Why not take a moment to see for yourself? And your feedback is, of course, always welcome.

We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
Single Dad Beats the Odds and Launches Microfinance Business...Arnold is an inspiring example of determination amid crisis in Honduras

Rampant and extreme poverty, a culture of injustice, and the oppressive influence of gangs are just a few of the daily challenges facing young men in Honduras. These realities cause many of these young men to turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape. These young men end up fleeing their country illegally to seek opportunities in other countries. But this is not the course of action taken by CareLink’s most recently-funded microfinance business.

Arnold, 24 years old, is the single father of a two-year-old daughter, Maria. Losing his wife to a sudden illness last year, Arnold was facing the daunting challenge of caring for his daughter and trying to make a living. CareLink discovered Arnold after he enrolled in a six-month barber training school in Tegucigalpa. After working in a barber shop to gain some hands-on experience, Arnold dreamed of launching his own store-front barber shop to earn a decent standard of living, and provide Maria with an education to allow her the hope of a future filled with opportunity. A CareLink micro-loan made Arnold’s dream come true, with funding for a barber chair, supplies, tools, and start-up capital.

CareLink wishes to thank “Steve,” one of our supporters and friends, and the sponsor of this $1,000 micro-loan, which has transformed Arnold’s life. Together, we are helping to empower thousands of Honduran’s to seek a path toward independence.

You can fund a CareLink micro-business for as little as $300. Will you help?
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
A Microfinance Profile in Determination: Jennifer Defies the Odds and Launches a Food Prep Business

Single moms have a tough job, but being a single mom in Honduras means you will almost certainly live a life of extreme poverty and hardship. Abandoned by husbands and often overlooked by a government plagued by injustice and corruption, single moms face challenges that defy the boundaries of human endurance.

But stories of determination do exist, and one of CareLink’s microfinance recipients, Jennifer, stands as a shining example. Seeking a better life for her two young children, Jennifer (35 years old), scraped and clawed her way through her days. She was determined to survive and, therefore, never lost hope. She researched and discovered a government/private training program to facilitate her dreams, but lacked the basic funds to enroll in the program. That’s where CareLink came in. CareLink scours the applications of candidates that demonstrate the grit required to start and run small businesses. Jennifer, showing an aptitude for cooking and good business instincts, received her $600. With the CareLink small business loan and having successfully completed a 6-month cooking curriculum, she will now launch a small food preparation business from her home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. While Jennifer’s business will provide a living income for her and her children, the greater benefit is hope; hope for a better life, improved health, and educational opportunities for her kids.

Microfinance is an empowering and transformative force. Will you consider helping CareLink fund a business in your name? (a donation of $300 can start a small business…but any gift is welcome!)
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Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
Albina’s Story

Albina is a hardworking 59-year-old woman from Tegucigalpa, Honduras who has a life-long passion for baking. Learning how to bake from her mother at the age of 15, she nurtured a dream of one day owning her own bakery business. Albina paid her dues by working long hours at a commercial bakery and then briefly ran her own bakery shop in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Then gangs discovered her business and threatened her unless she paid them their demanded extortion money. Not to be deterred, she and her husband fled Tegucigalpa and moved an hour away to the less-dangerous Moroceli community an hour east off Tegucigalpa. About a year ago, Albina met Josefina Santos, CareLink’s Honduras Country Director. After Josefina explained CareLink’s micro-finance business opportunities with Albina, she agreed to enroll in a 12-month bakery training and certification trade school. She then presented CareLink with her business plan and launch strategy.

CareLink provided a $900 micro-loan and business training, which enabled Albina to purchase the necessary bakery supplies, pans, and a commercial oven. She runs “Albina’s Bakery” from the front of her modest home.

Albina and her husband, Mario, have five children. Mario helps support the family with his taxi-driving job and is extremely supportive of Albina’s business. The extra income from Albina’s bakery provides school supplies, medical care, clean water, and improved nutrition for her family while providing high-quality baked goods for the Moroceli community.

Albina’s success story was made possible by a generous sponsorship from one of our faithful CareLink donors. Micro-finance capital is transforming families and empowering women in Honduras, helping them become independent and lifting them from years of poverty.

Will you help us by sponsoring a micro-funded business for as little as $300?
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
COVID-19 Pandemic Update - Honduras

CareLink extends loan repayment relief to micro-funded businesses

Given these extraordinary times, CareLink will grant a temporary 90-day loan repayment forbearance to our many Honduran businesses. This will enable those families whose businesses have been impacted by the pandemic to preserve cash and take care of their essential financial priorities while recovering from business interruption.

This action, while having a significant impact on CareLink’s cash flow, is necessary to ensure these families and their businesses can survive.

Consider Neri, for example, pictured nearby and in a group photo in front of her neighborhood medical clinic near Tegucigalpa. Neri, a nurse and registered health care worker, operates a neighborhood medical clinic from her home and serves the medical needs of hundreds of children in her community. These kids live in extreme poverty (defined by the World Bank as less than $2.00 per day per person). CareLink funded Neri’s business in 2019 with a micro-loan and a variety of donated medical equipment and supplies. Medicine shortages, gangs, criminal activity, and gunshots are a part of the “normal” environment for Neri…and she serves with courage and compassion. Neri’s small business not only provides a critical service to her community, but it also creates business income that sustains her family. Thank you, Neri! You are a true hero.

Would you consider adopting a business? Donate with link below:
Carelink Foundation
Carelink Foundation
Story shared from Jeffrey Hartman ....Some time ago, while Kathy (my wife) and I were visiting two of our Grandchildren, Alyssa and Rebecca Hartman, (ages 9 and 5) they surprised me with a very generous check for our non-profit organization, the CareLink Foundation. When I asked them why they were giving me this check, they replied…”because mom and dad are teaching us about “Philaprofy!” Well, we were so impressed. One legendary non-profit expert has defined fund-raising as “the gentle art of teaching others the joy of giving.” Are you teaching your kids the importance of philanthropy? We are so proud of our kids for teaching their children the joy of giving that is the natural overflow of gratitude. Thanks, Kids!

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The world can be dark place, and at CareLink, we recognize that believers are called on to be a light to the world.