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CareLink helps families become self-sustaining through MicroFinance funding, water filter solutions, and health care training and awareness; all in a format that supports local churches and spreads the good news of Jesus. Our local Honduras team of trained pastors, professionals and social workers are connected to local churches are well-equipped to respond to the needs of local families. The CareLink board is comprised of Chicago-area entrepreneurs, Doctors, and other professionals; committed Christians that are dedicated to helping families help themselves.
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Last week Carelink was busy helping get clean water to our Honduran friends. We had a Water Filter training session in San Juan, Intibuca. For the first time 60 families will get clean safe drinking water—each family who gets a filter agrees to provide three other families with clean water for 6 months. Included are pictures of the classes on proper use and cleaning of the filter and bucket. Their creativity shows as they paint their systems—remember the Lenca Indians with their pottery in a past post?

The two ‘gringos’ in the picture are Jeff Hartman and Tim Wall—Carelink Board members. We hosted families to consider taking on Carelink as a family project. Part of the meeting included a demonstration of the filter, and a ‘drink’ from filtered DuPage River water—yes, we are still healthy!

Your family can join us in supporting clean water in Honduras. Your gift of $60 provides two filters to families, which gives clean water to 8 families. Just go to our website at

Please pray for our Honduran leaders as they return to Tatumbla on Wednesday to continue teaching on financial concepts—in preparation for starting microfinance projects. They will end the week joining the Center for the Women’s Rights, a sister organization in Honduras which helps women become self-sufficient.

Our Honduran trip in October is taking shape—we still have room if you’d like to join us to see three of the communities where Carelink has a ministry.

Thanks for your interest and commitment to the Hondurans.
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Our team is hard at work making a difference in the lives of women and children in desperate need of clean, safe water. in Honduras. Want to be our partner? Visit us at
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Our Carelink team does fundamental work with the local women in Honduras to discuss important essential personal traits. Often, they are in such difficult social and impoverished situations that they feel defeated and without much hope.
Since we want to give them encouragement with their families and their spiritual lives, we do lots of teaching. You see in the pictures Pr. Suyapa, Josefina and Ruby leading group discussions. Before we can begin microfinance training, these are important steps.
The posters copied here reflect steps to giving the ladies hope..
"Misson-- have a greater role in life for those to whome you want to be involved in a social, personal and work level"
"Goals-- Your desires and purposes in life that allow you to accheve objectives (for yourself and family).

Pray for our team as they teach and disciple.
Also, pray for a "Water for Hot Dog" event at Tim Wall's house this Sunday--to have interested families bring their kids and watch our water filter demonstration(can the DuPage River be 'clean'?.. enjoy the hot dogs… and learn about issues facing families in Honduras.
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Thanks for praying for our Honduras Carelink team the past two weeks.
They had a successful initial meeting joining Fr. Brien Koehler with the Lenca Indian group in Cop'an. The attached pictures are from the discipleship training sessions.
We continue discussions with Fr. Koehler on how we can work together in this area.

Our team has received training from Water with Blessings in teaching/dispersing the water filters.They have been distributing filters in the Intibuca area east of Teguc.
Pray that these contacts will lead to long term relationships in this area as well---along with healthy families who have clean water.

Through a grant from Water with Blessings, your gift of $60 will allow us to supply two filters to families who are eager to promote health in their communities. Many thanks as you join us in our work in Honduras.
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Happy 4th of July from Naperville! This week our Carelink Honduras team is working in Copan, Honduras, originally a center for the Mayans, but today the Lenca Indians populate the area.

Our Carelink social worker, Rubí Flores, is proud to be a Lenca Woman, who came to Tegucigalpa to study Social Work at the National University. Her love for the Lord and experience have shaped her in the work she does to help other Women, to empower them and to love them. It has been her desire to being able to serve them and it is through CareLink that she is accomplishing her dream.

A request from Honduras for this week: "A big hi from Copán! Tomorrow we will start a discipleship training to Christ the Saviour Episcopal Church in the western area of Honduras. Please pray for us!" 😇
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Our Carelink staff has a long history of teaching and encouraging the women of Honduras who have been the most affected by years of poverty and injustice. Often the impoverished women and families experience years of problems of poor health and sanitation, with drugs and violence pushing at the core of their families. Sadly, in some cases the men in the family have left for jobs, or suffered at the hands of the violence so common in Latin America.
The resulting impact on the women is to feel hopeless and living with a poor self-image, feeling deserted. Before we can hope to help the families, we must first encourage and teach the women that God is involved in their lives--that they are valuable to Him and to their families.
Josefina, Pr. Suyapa nd Ruby are shown in the pictures at a recent women's gathering. They are teaching biblical principles of self-worth and hope. From that foundation, then we can begin to teach basics of microfinance and health for their families.
Please pray for Carelink as we continue to teach and encourage women and families on how God's love impacts them.
--in the next few weeks, we will be joining the Anglican team, with Fr. Koehler and his wife to work in the northwest area of Honduras with the Lenca Indians. We will be exploring ways we can partner to promote microfinance and the other goals of Carelink.
If you want to hear more of a partner group working in Honduras on causes related to Justice--please see:

The world can be dark place, and at CareLink, we recognize that believers are called on to be a light to the world.