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CareLink helps families become self-sustaining through MicroFinance funding, water filter solutions, and health care training and awareness; all in a format that supports local churches and spreads the good news of Jesus. Our local Honduras team of trained pastors, professionals and social workers are connected to local churches are well-equipped to respond to the needs of local families. The CareLink board is comprised of Chicago-area entrepreneurs, Doctors, and other professionals; committed Christians that are dedicated to helping families help themselves.
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Our October newsletter is going out tomorrow!
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Another amazing day in Honduras. Met with some our micro-finance ladies at their bakery and tasted the delicious pizza they prepared for us in their custom-made brick oven (wood fired). Tim and Jeff interviewed a new micro-finance candidate (wants to open a bakery in Tegucigalpa), held a medical clinic in La Caniada, and our CareLink Dentist provided children with fluoride treatments and oral hygiene training at a grade school. Whew! Our Care Link Honduran team, Josefina, Rubi, and Pastor Suyapa are doing amazing work down here. Want to partner with us to make a difference in the world? Visit us at
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Monday and Tuesday this week we are working along with the Good Shepherd team in Tegucigalpa. Jeff had a busy day sharing his faith with people who came to our medical clinic. Tim worked in the medical clinic seeing patients from newborns to “senior citizens”. We are also preparing for our Carelink visit Wednesday to La Caniada. Thanks for praying.
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We are in Honduras. After good meetings on Friday we went to Tatumbla Saturday. Our Carelink team does a great job of teaching the why and how of clean water. We helped distribute the Sawyer water filters. The ladies who receive them are so grateful!
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Looking forward to our "road trip" to Honduras this week to visit with some of our micro finance recipients and do some strategic planning with our Honduran team. Want to learn how to be part of our life-changing mission? Visit us at
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Carelink has been busy the past week. Pictured are the recipients of water filters you funded--each family will not only have clean water, they will share the filtered water with three other families-- thanks so much for giving to promote health in Honduras.
Also, in Tatumba, ladies receive the last of phase one in microfinance teaching. They have decided as a group to start a community bakery, making Carelink's second 'bread stand'! Please pray for ongoing community spirit as many decisions have to be made.
Finally, please pray for two of our Board members as we travel to Honduras Oct. 6--Jeff Hartman and Tim Wall. We'll join the mission team of Good Shepherd Church, Naperville, Ill. as we work with them in poor communities on on Medical Serve teams(Monday through Friday).
Tim and Jeff's schedule includes a day on Oct 6. of reports, evaluation and planning with our Carelink Team.
-Saturday, Oct.7 we'll travel to Tatumba to take part in water filtration teaching, and discuss their plans in microfinance.
--Wednesday, Oct. 11 we will give medical exams and treatment to the school kids in La C
-- Thursday & Friday our church team will work with Pr. Suyapa in her interim church in Nueva Suyapa/Tegucigalpa. We will visit with some of the original microfinance families, as well as providing medical/dental care to that community.
--we return Saturday, Oct. 14 to watch the Cubs move on to the next level in the playoffs!
Thanks for praying for us and the Good Shepherd team this next week.
please also remember the millions throughout the Carribean still trying to recover from the string of hurricanes. May God provide for them through all of us!

The world can be dark place, and at CareLink, we recognize that believers are called on to be a light to the world.