We have a passion for providing microfinance capital to families that wish to become self-sustaining. We do not offer a “hand-out,” but rather a “hand-up.”

Our clients receive microfinance loans (typically $300 - $500) that enable them to start small businesses. This empowers them to become financially independent and leads their families on a path to long-term, sustainable progress. Providing microfinance loans to these families fosters life-altering financial improvement while promoting the dignity and self-respect that is achieved through self-reliance. This model helps break the cycle of dependence that causes hopelessness and a need for “charity.”


To date, CareLink has funded several small businesses in Honduras, including a Bakery Cooperative that is helping to provide the economic needs of several families.


Families pay back the microfinance loans over time on flexible terms, and the funds are “re-pooled” for future microfinance candidates. This system of requiring loan repayments helps recipients maintain dignity and self-respect, and reinforces the sense of personal investment in the success of the projects. Our repayment success rate is nearly 100%.
Along with microfinance capital, our families receive financial and business training, which helps them achieve long-term success and independence.

Examples of MicroFinance businesses

  • Tortilla Shop

  • Brick-Oven bakery co-operative

  • Dairy

  • Concrete floor business

  • Water filter manufacturing

  • Seamstress / Sewing shop