Micro Finance

We have a passion for providing MicroFinance capital to families that wish to become self-sustaining. We do not provide a “hand-out”, rather an “hand-up”.

Our clients receive MicroFinance loans (typically $300 - $500.) which enable them to start small businesses - empowering them to become financially independent, and leading their families on a path to long-term, sustainable progress. Providing MicroFinance loans to these families fosters life-altering financial improvement while promoting the dignity and self-respect that is achieved through self-reliance. This model helps break the cycle of dependence that causes hopelessness and a reliance on “charity”.

CareLink has funded a number of successful small business in Honduras, including a recently launched Bakery Cooperative that is helping to provide the economic needs of several families.

Families pay back the MicroFinance loans over time on very flexible terms and the funds are “re-pooled” for future MicroFinance candidates. This system of requiring loan repayments helps recipients maintain dignity and self-respect, and reinforces the sense that they are fully invested in the success of the projects. Our repayment success rate is very good.
Along with MicroFinance capital, our families receive financial and business training, which helps them achieve long-term success and independence.

Some examples of MicroFinance businesses

  • Tortilla Shop

  • Brick-Oven bakery co-operative

  • Dairy

  • Concrete floor business

  • Water filter manufacturing

  • Seamstress / Sewing shop


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