Healthcare Outreach

Health Education Awareness and Training

The first step in improving the health of local Honduran families is to provide them with life-changing knowledge that is often lacking in their local culture. Many Honduran children, for example, are impacted by avoidable and routine health conditions that can be alleviated by awareness and local training and outreach programs.

CareLink, through our local team of paid professionals, (trained Pastors and Social Workers) provides regular health education training programs, often in cooperation with local churches. Our staff provides hands-on training and materials that helps women take control of their families health care with information that changes the course of their lives forever.
CareLInk board members and interested volunteers also participate in providing frequent free-of-charge health clinics in local churches in various Honduran communities on a regular basis. Several hundred of individuals, typically children, are served during these one-day clinics.

These clinics also serve to connect local families to churches, and can help identify individuals that may be good MicroFinance candidates.


The world can be dark place, and at CareLink, we recognize that believers are called on to be a light to the world.