About Us

Our outreach includes providing assistance in the following areas:

  • MicroFinance

    loans to families that wish to achieve financial independence.  Making and selling common essentials to customers in their communities.

  • Health Education Training and awareness

    to families to improve their families  over-all health condition.  So many children, for example, are impacted by avoidable and routine health conditions that can be alleviated by awareness and local training.

  • Water Filtration Solutions

    to help families with one of their greatest basic needs:  Clean water.  Thousands of children fall victim to sometimes fatal illnesses each year that are completely avoidable through clean water. 

  • Access to Social Services

    to enable families to plug-into programs that can improve their lives.

  • A Church Connection.

    An introduction to a local church so that families can benefit from the life-altering benefit of spiritual growth and being connected to a community of believers.


Our Local Honduras Team.

We employ a Honduran team of trained pastors and social workers that are connected to local churches and are well-equipped to respond to the needs of local families.

The CareLink Board.

The CareLink board is comprised of entrepreneurs, Doctors, and other professionals; committed Christians that are dedicated to helping families help themselves. Our board members are experienced business people that travel regularly to Honduras and have experienced first-hand the needs of the local people. Our board shares a passion for serving.


  • Dr Timothy Wall

    CareLink Founder and President.  Tim runs a Naperville-based Pediatric Healthcare practice.

  • Jeffrey L. Hartman

    Jeff is a board member, a local business owner, and serial entrepreneur who has started a number of successful small businesses.

  • Paul A. Tanzillo

    Paul is a board member, attorney and the owner of a local law firm.

  • Mabel Chirolla

    Mabel is a board member and a long-time health care worker with a passion for helping families and children with health care awareness access.


The world can be a dark place

At CareLink we recognize that believers are called on to be a light in the world