Greetings to Carelink Friends and Supporters

Greetings to Carelink Friends and Supporters:

Our current team of Josefina, Pastor Suyapa and Ruby are proposing that we set in place the structure to allow them to dedicate their time to our key interests in many areas of Honduras. Until now, they have been able to help us in their spare time as they worked with the Women’s Ministry of the Honduran Lutheran Church.

The group of leaders there would continue the model of health collaborators whom they train. These women are lay leaders in their various churches who work with families in their communities. Carelink would have much more continuity in ongoing health care to the needy communities.

An immediate project they envision right away is training families on how to use water filters which would provide clean/safe water for the next two years. A large percentage of families don’t have clean water, nor the means to boil their existing water to a safe temperature to kill bacteria/parasites. The water filters are available for around $25, possibly funded through outside grants.

We would continue the micro-finance projects to empower women to be economically self-sufficient. Our team of three has already worked with several families to start their small businesses, and currently is helping ladies in six families continue their bakery business.

As the team works with health collaborators in their communities, we will identify more prospects for starting small businesses.

Finally, by their close and regular contact in these communities, we will help the churches to grow. Our group in Honduras is uniquely prepared to share the gospel and help new believers to grow. They will also focus on the many social issues facing the poor of Honduras—bringing the power of God’s Word to their situations. This in a nutshell is the Honduran team’s vision.

Moving ahead means a substantial commitment in time and resources. The three Honduran staff would be supported by Carelink—individuals, churches and outside grant agencies. Since grants are mainly for the actual cost of ‘water filters’, the biggest commitment would come back to you, the Carelink supporters.

I don’t begin to know if this is the right time to expand—but I do know our Honduran partners are ready, if we sense the same direction from God.

Thanks for joining me…the Carelink Board appreciates all your help and prayer.

Tim Wall, MD